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The illusion of separation and the war

Today, I want to share a reflection on a topic that has deeply fascinated me: nonduality and awakened consciousness, especially in the face of the paradox of a world increasingly immersed in conflicts and wars, seeming to struggle with itself.

The events of yesterday still reverberate in my head, I am deeply impacted by everything that is happening. In the midst of the third decade of the 21st century, a war in Europe and now (once again) in the Middle East.

I would like to talk more about a concept that transcends the divisions and dualities we perceive in the world. It is the understanding that everything is interconnected, and the boundaries we create are merely mental constructions.

From this perspective, we realize that we are all part of the same fabric of existence, and separation is an illusion. Awakened consciousness arises when we perceive this interconnectedness and transcend identification with our roles, beliefs, and personal stories. It is an awakening to the true essence, beyond the limitations of the ego. When we attain this state of consciousness, we can see beyond differences and comprehend the unity that encompasses everything.

Unfortunately, this understanding often encounters the paradox of a world that remains a stage for conflicts and wars. How do we reconcile the perception of unity with the reality of seemingly irreconcilable divisions and conflicts?

I believe the answer lies in our collective responsibility to cultivate compassion, empathy, and mutual acceptance. We need to act with love and wisdom, promoting peace in our daily interactions and seeking collaborative solutions to global challenges. Every gesture of compassion and every effort to understand the other brings us closer to the practical manifestation of nonduality.

By recognizing our fundamental unity, we have the opportunity to transform reality, building a more peaceful and harmonious world. WE NEED to realize this and cultivate this awakened consciousness, working to transcend the paradox that haunts us, seeking peace and unity amidst differences. #NãoDualidade#ConsciênciaDesperta#PazMundial#Unidade#TransformaçãoPessoal#Compaixão Foto: MAHMUD HAMS / AFP - Estadão

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