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The great choice

Today, I want to share some important reflections on the ongoing conflict between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas. Firstly, it is crucial to recognize that all life is sacred, and we must prioritize the preservation of life above all else. The conflict began with the unacceptable and inhumane actions of the Hamas group, with a reaction from Israel that was, as expected, a response to the imminent threat to its security and the identification of the lunatics who carried out the October 7 attack. The eradication of the terrorist group, not the civilians, must be the north of what is happening. However, as the conflict continues, the number of Palestinian civilian casualties has risen alarmingly. Almost 8,000 lives lost, including men, women and children, is an unacceptable tragedy. At this critical moment, it is imperative that we appeal to common sense and reason. We need to remember that at the heart of any conflict are innocent people who suffer the consequences. Regardless of our political views, it is essential to defend the principle that human life must be protected and preserved at all costs and not considered a 'side effect' of a vengeance campaign clearly instilled by both sides. It is essential and URGENT that the international community and all the parties involved consider the need for a pause in the conflict in order to allow the safe withdrawal of civilians caught in the crossfire.

Peace and stability in the region can only be achieved through dialog and cooperation, from which we know we are still a long way off. We, as professionals and citizens of the world, have a responsibility to amplify this message of humanity and compassion. Let's unite our voices for the preservation of life and the search for peaceful solutions to this devastating conflict, and not only it, but so many other open fronts on our planet, such as Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Africa, the urban wars in Rio de Janeiro, Mexico and so many cities that live with the pain of drug use and trafficking and social issues.

We are at a moment of decision and DEFINITIVE choices for what we want to be as humanity.

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