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Reflecting on the Evanescence of Life and Contemporary Conflicts

These days I've often thought about mortality and the impermanence of life and I feel that this difficult subject, which we often want to avoid, offers a mirror to contemplate the conflicts and tragedies that plague the contemporary world, especially the events in the Gaza Strip, Ukraine and other (many) parts of the planet.

Faced with this scenario of violence and human suffering, we are called to deep introspection.

Conflicts are like storms that sweep through our lives and communities, leaving destruction and desolation in their wake. However, recognizing that life is fragile and ephemeral, we are impelled to value every life affected by these conflicts.

Every human being involved in these tragedies has dreams, loves and hopes that can be abruptly and unfairly cut short.

It is a reminder that we must strive to understand the suffering of others, to cultivate compassion and to work towards peace and justice.

The practice of presence becomes vital in this context. In moments of conflict, it is easy to get stuck in the past or worried about the uncertain future. However, it is in the now that we can make conscious decisions to promote peace.

Being fully present reminds us that every action, no matter how small, has an impact and can contribute to change.

Integrating an understanding of mortality into our daily lives is a call to action. In conflicts, we must seek peaceful solutions with renewed determination, knowing that time is fleeting and that each passing moment is a missed opportunity for peace.

Contemplating our unity with awakened consciousness and interconnectedness with all human beings is a reminder that, despite differences and conflicts, we all share the same humanity.

Violence is a manifestation of our inability to recognize this fundamental unity.

Therefore, we must work to build bridges, understand the other and seek solutions that honor this connection.

That is the work.

That's the real PURPOSE, which so many are still searching for, lost, thinking that purpose has something to do with themselves, their own agenda and their personal goals.

Impermanence reminds us that peace is possible, and understanding our unity encourages us to work together to achieve it.

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