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"My work is completely dedicated to understanding and focusing on the daily challenges of people management in organizations, their leaders and their teams.
In a world of fragmented attention, superficial relationships and the ghost of burnout, the goal is to create and reinforce human relationships and healthy work environments.

A more conscious organizational culture.
For this, innovative approaches that I have developed over the years as a student of native and philosophical traditions   and with the support of neuroscience (I lived with  very special teachers at the Escola de Quarto Caminho of Gurdjieff, in Zen, in the Tao and also in the Enneagram, a powerful instrument of self-knowledge), for the activation of the state of high performance (Flow), providing fuller lives, at work and outside of it."

Excerpt from my conversation with competition biker Alex Schultz.

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The Challenge X Skill / Competence ratio

Flow, Focus and Mindfulness

The Flow state, when activated, allows for a dramatic increase in performance and acceleration in learning.

In an increasingly VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) it becomes a powerful way to deal with the constant demands and interruptions of everyday life, especially in conditions of virtual or remote work.

Our programs were created with the agile model of working in teams (squads) in mind and for leaders and teams aware of their role in inspiration, vision and creativity in order to achieve results.

Why Flow is important

Flow is a mental state of real engagement that leads to great performance and using it consciously within a group or organization can be extremely useful in understanding collective and individual motivation.


The more Flow an organization has - that is,   the more key employees experience Flow - the better performance and results will be, maintaining positive mental health levels.

Download portfolio here.


The Flow Training

Our introductory program recorded in videos for immediate access. 

Release in 2023. 

Make your pre-registrationhere.

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Lectures 2023

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Relationship Reading

The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a system that explains human behavior with a precision that often astounds those who come to know it. His description of the nine behavior patterns is very profound and illuminating and often leads people to own up to and overcome weaknesses at a greater level than previously imagined.

Our personality style does not determine our success, and while it is often the source of many of our strengths, it can create blind spots and obstacles that can hold us back.

The value of personality models is that they provide a framework for leveraging strengths and more quickly recognizing blind spots and obstacles. A good model can also provide us with roadmaps to overcome them.

No personality style model does these things better than the Enneagram.

Those who identify their own strategy,   understand the reasons for old and recurring behaviors, whether positive or negative; patterns of attention and reaction; factors that lead to motivation or lack thereof; specific abilities and difficulties; and patterns of resistance to change.


And those who identify the strategies of other people with whom they live, increase their tolerance and acceptance of differences,  establishing new agreements and relationships with empathy and compassion.


In our workshops, retreats and mentorships, we go deep into the system, helping each participant to find their own type, subtype (*or 'instinct') and their growth strategy, connecting this discovery with their personal and professional challenges and characteristics.

The use of the Enneagram in Organizations:

Important multinational organizations have also been using the Enneagram model for a long time with their teams.

Some examples: 3M, Disney, IBM, Energy Project, CIA, Boeing, Disney, Genentech, Sony, Du Pont, Procter & Gamble, Roche. In Brazil, we can mention: Embraer, Bradesco, Oi, Vale, Vivo, Itaú-Unibanco, EATON, Souza Cruz, Yahoo, Avon, TIM, Oracle, among others.

See what research on the use of the Enneagram in organizations published in September 2022 shows about the impact on individuals, teams and leadership:






















Discover the methodology and access the survey in other languageshere.

I looked for the best training in the world in the system, I studied directly with David Daniels and Helen Palmer (true legends of knowledge and application of the system) in training as a teacher and professional and Ginger Lapid-Bogda (pioneer in application in organizations) in the program "Train the Trainer" for leaders and teams. I continue to study and improve my craft that I started more than 20 years ago and have already added thousands of hours of consulting and mentoring.

See the certifications below:


Train the Trainer/Enneagram in Business and EPTP (Enneagram Professional Training Program).


Here in Brazil, I have already taken the system to companies such as Avon, Grupo ALGAR, BNP Paribas, Eaton, Oi, Itaú-Unibanco, TIM, Citibank, Oracle, Banco Arbi, Pecege, among other organizations that seek to train conscious leaders, harmonious teams and high performance in healthy cultures.

I am the founder of Associação Brasileira de Enneagrama, part of the International Enneagram Association and I work strongly in mentoring and personal, professional and career counseling processes, using this powerful approach.


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yearly Transit Reading

Impact Experiences

Pit Stop Experience

That magical moment, where everything that has been planned and trained for a long time, crystallizes in a single instant: The pit stop. There, anything can happen. You can win or lose a race. Or a championship...

How is it possible to imagine a tire change in 1.82 seconds? If you blink your eyes, you've already lost.

The F1 pitstop teams (as well as the SEALs, the military elite) are the most prepared in the world when it comes to achieving immediate and impactful objectives. A lot of training and a secret, the activation of the state of Flow.

Ideal as an introduction and deepening of the AGILE methodology, focused on squads and their challenges.

Lecture, experiential dynamics and in-depth debriefing where the analogies between the world of speed and the corporate environment are discussed.

All this in a short period of time.​


       Acesso ao site do PSX here


Deep Now
In this experience, you will have the opportunity to learn in detail about floating in sensory isolation tanks. A physical and mental therapy that brings important benefits for a better quality of life and fullness.

You will learn more about the state of Flow, a heightened state of consciousness that can be activated following certain conditions, such as clarity of objectives, focus and concentration, balance between challenge and skill, among others. 

A true digital detox.

Floating in sensory isolation is the most powerful way to access this state and practice floating in a sensory isolation tank, the only activity that includes the 4 moments of the Flow Cycle:


2. Release



see morehere.


One approach to developing your "personal lens" is to incorporate the concept of 'mindfulness' into your photography. 

The mObZen workshops and retreats combine activities such as meditation, hiking and photographic techniques, which results in conscious photography that reflects your real worldview. 

"The best way to capture moments is to pay attention. That's how we cultivate mindfulness, being here now, whole in the present moment. Mindfulness means being awake." - Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) method.

With mObZen, you can use your own smartphone to be mindful. You will notice more of the beauty that surrounds you, the details, see the extraordinary in the ordinary of everyday life, directing your attention to the shapes, light, shade, textures and patterns that you identify with._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

You'll be amazed at the scenes you'll capture, including subjects and themes you may never have noticed or seen this way before.

The retreats last for three days and take place in places close to São Paulo.

Workshops can be from part-time to one day, including within companies.

see morehere.

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