Flow is a term that comes from English to Flow and that can be translated as "State of Flow" or "Experience of Flow".

The concept of Flow was developed in the 1970s by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, PhD and professor at the University of Chicago, to designate the optimal experiences of flow in consciousness.

A mental state where the body and mind flow in perfect harmony is a state of excellence characterized by high motivation, high concentration, high energy and high performance, hence also called maximum experience or optimal experience.

Generally, access to Flow happens when you are doing what you most like to do or even enjoying what you are doing.

People flow into the activities they dominate and have high interest. Artists, athletes, writers, designers and professionals from all segments.

The main objective of the program (immersion/workshop/lecture) is to provoke reflection on the new work environment and the radical change that has been taking place for some years.

New skills and abilities are demanded in real time, being social and relational behavior skills (soft skils) increasingly demanded from leaders, especially from the new generations that enter the labor market.

A more conscientious leadership.

Expressive numbers reflect the urgency of a structured action aimed at preparing and sustaining this new movement.

This program is applied in modules (workshops or immersions):

* Self Assessment

* Definition of goals/objectives/cause

*Full Attention


Optionals: Functional neurological mapping, Sensory isolation tank fluctuation series, cardiac coherence/biofeedback and neurofeedback for performance.

Program developed with  Braintech , pioneer in neurofeedback Z Scores in Latin America,  Float Float Center the first sensory isolation tank buoyancy center in Brazil.

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Pit Stop Experience

That magical moment, where everything that was planned and trained for a long time, crystallizes in a single instant: The stop at the box. There, anything can happen. You can win or lose a race. Or a championship...

How can you imagine a tire change at 1.82  seconds? If you blink your eyes, you've already lost.

F1 pitstop teams (as well as the Seals, the military elite) are the most prepared in the world when it comes to achieving immediate and impact objectives. A lot of training and a secret, the activation of the Flow state.

Ideal as an introduction and deepening of the AGILE methodology, focused on squads and their challenges.

Lecture, live dynamics and in-depth debriefing where analogies between the world of speed and the corporate environment are discussed.

All this in a short amount of time.



The Enneagram is a system that explains human behavior with a precision that usually surprises those who come to know it. His description of the nine behavior patterns is very profound and insightful and often leads people to take on and overcome weaknesses at a higher level than previously imagined.

According to the Enneagram, all people have one of nine strategies for dealing with the world. Who identifies their own strategy,  understands the reasons for old and recurrent behaviors, whether positive or negative; patterns of attention and reaction; factors that lead to motivation or lack of it; specific skills and difficulties; and patterns of resistance to change. And those who identify the strategies of other people with whom they live, expand their tolerance and acceptance of differences.

Origin and development

The original Enneagram was discovered in antiquity and its origin is still uncertain and may go back to Pythagoras. In the early 20th century, it was introduced indirectly to the West, with the work of philosopher George I. Gurdjieff.

The Enneagram of Personalities was developed in the 70s, with the School of Arica, by Oscar Ichazo and the Chilean psychiatrist Cláudio Naranjo, who became an important reference on the subject in the world and an efficient disseminator of the system.

Since then, many Enneagram scholars and authors around the world have helped to develop and make the teachings of the Enneagram more accessible. The work of  Helen Palmer and David Daniels and Uranium Paes (the teachers with whom Cadu Lemos trained as a teacher and specialist in Enneagram)  as some of the biggest names in the international Enneagram community.

Why do

In addition to being a very powerful self-knowledge system, the Enneagram is also a tool capable of expanding our worldview and helping us to maintain healthier and more productive relationships. In fact, the Enneagram goes beyond other personality typologies, pointing out specific paths for personal and professional development.

The Enneagram is also very versatile and allows for different types of applications in companies, such as: management and leadership development, building high performance teams, managing conflicts and organizational climate and facilitating the implementation of various management programs (examples: Lean, Agile etc).

  Companies and Universities that use the Enneagram

The Enneagram has been growing significantly all over the world and is already used by many important companies, such as: Autodesk,  Dropbox, Agilent, Genentech, 3M, IBM, Sony, Motorola, Boeing, Disney,

DuPont, Procter & Gamble and the Federal Reserve Bank among many others.


The system also has several scientific validation works and world-renowned academic centers have already incorporated the Enneagram in some programs of their "Business Schools". This is the case of Stanford, Columbia and Loyola, in the USA; Manchester, England; and University of Sydney, Australia.


In Brazil, the Enneagram is already taught in MBAs at FGV and USP and in organizations such as Avon, BNP Paribas, Itaú Unibanco, VISA,  ALGAR Group, Amil,  Johnson & Johnson, TIM, Eaton, Oracle, among others, through different professors.



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Cardiac Coherence/Biofeedback

consistency is synonymous with  order, connection, conformity, harmony, connection, concatenation and rhythm.

When the variation between heart rates (HRV = heart rate variability) follow a rhythmic, ordered sequence, this signal is sent to the brain which decodes this message as a calm signal, activating in the rest of our body a harmonization between all systems physiological, emotional and cognitive.

We enter a process of inner calm where brain and heart are in harmony or in resonance.

In this state we reach the MAXIMUM of our cognitive capacity. This means:  

We activated our ability to INNOVATE.

A healthy heart is not like a metronome.

The swings of a healthy heart are complex and non-linear. Heart rate is the number of heart beats per minute.


Heart rate variability (HRV) is the fluctuation in time intervals between adjacent heartbeats as shown in the figure below.

The heart has much more complex and primordial functions than simply pumping blood.


In fact, the heart is an information processing center, with its own nervous system, made up of approximately 40,000 neurons, which communicates and influences the brain through four major systems:


  • neurological (nerve impulses),

  • biochemical (via hormones and neurotransmitters),

  • biophysical (pulsation) and

  • energy (electromagnetic field interactions).

The practices and tools developed by the HeartMath Institute and other researchers , already allow to identify the level of personal or organizational stress and implement a process of recovery of personal and organizational cardiac coherence to achieve better levels of personal and emotional performance.


There are 8 weeks of virtual training using cloud-connected sensors that monitor the daily development of balance and cardiac coherence.


Essential step to activate the Flow state.

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Body, mind and sensory isolation tanks - Flow in practice

The act of floating on a surface of salt water, which has body temperature in an environment that blocks light and sound, is at first frightening and seemingly uncomfortable. Even more in the average time of 60 to 90 minutes. And yet, it can bring transformative experiences.

The moment of decision, learning from F1

This magical moment, where everything that was planned and trained for a long time, crystallizes in a single instant: The stop at the box. There, anything can happen. You can win or lose a race. Or a championship...

Flow is good business

Understand what the flow state is and how creating an environment conducive to its activation can transform your organization and its employees in an unimaginable way.

Mindfulness, attention fragmentation and organizations

It is nothing new that organizations and their members are facing the fact that their environment is changing rapidly and that there is no guarantee that things will remain as they are.