Lifelong learning.

Provoking reflection and action since 1998.




I was born Carlos Eduardo in SP, in 1962. I had a very different career, no  planned, I started as a DJ and radio announcer in the 80s, in the Brasília rock scene, where I became Cadu, I came back  to SP in 87,  as an executive in communication and marketing agencies and in the financial market.

I'm always in Beta mode, active,  undertaking, I made mistakes many times (quickly and in different things) and I hit others. I learned a lot, so I always gained from my experiences in retail, sport, events, entertainment, and  culture. Today, I share the mistakes, successes and lessons learned with leaders, teams  and entrepreneurs.

"My work is totally dedicated to understanding and focusing on the daily challenges of managing people in organizations, their leaders and their teams.
In a world of fragmented attention, superficial relationships and the ghost of burnout, the goal is to create and reinforce human relationships and healthy work environments.

A more conscious organizational culture.
For this, innovative approaches developed over the years as a student of native and philosophical traditions
  and supported by neuroscience (I lived with   very special teachers at the School of  Gurdjieff's Fourth Path , in Zen, in  Tao and also in the Enneagram, a powerful self-knowledge instrument ), for the activation of the high performance state of Flow,  for fuller lives, on and off the job.


Author, researcher and facilitator of high performance processes. My work is focused on people, organizations and  your teams. I published books, videos  and articles  in the areas of organizational culture, HR, Performance and human development.



Provocative content for leaders and their teams in order to strengthen their cultures and relationships, seeking a state of high individual and collective performance.

I work with lectures, workshops and immersions, using tools ranging from games and simulations, to neuroscience techniques (neurofeedback), to face the challenges of a VUCA world and the transformation of an individualistic culture to a collaborative culture, a true "culture of FLOW".

The content is based on research, trends, benchmarks and success factors, mistakes and successes presented through cases and experiences and our partnership with Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and direct participation in international communities.

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